Back in 2014, a small town took a chance on a company with big plans. Smiths Falls not only welcomed Canopy Growth to the community, it gave us the opportunity to connect with our neighbours and build something great. And now, as we continue to grow across the country, we hope to make a positive impact on all the communities we call home.

To accomplish our mission, we created the Tweed Collective, a program that actively seeks out charitable organizations—Non-Profits, Registered Charities, and Business Improvement Areas (BIA)—to submit a proposal for a Tweed CollectiveTM grant. We want to hear from organizations across Canada that have initiatives that fall under one or more of our three impact pillars:

Grow Opportunities

Local communities prosper when residents have access to opportunity. We invest in projects and programs that develop and enhance skills to help more Canadians find their path to prosperity.

Grow Greener

Greening and cleaning initiatives help build our understanding of the planet and the role that we play in sustainability. We fund projects that bring people together to learn, act and share to create a greener future for all.

Grow Connections

A sense of belonging brings purpose to our lives and is key to building vibrant communities. We support programs and projects that encourage connectivity through shared interests, improved accessibility, and the creation of welcoming public spaces.

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