Whether you want to learn about the application process, eligibility, funding, or anything in between, you can find the answers to your questions here.


  1. What types of projects do you fund?

    Tweed CollectiveTM supports:

    • Projects or programs managed by Non-profits, Registered Charities or Business Improvement Areas (BIA)
    • Projects that align with our 3 strategic pillars – Grow Opportunities, Grow Greener and Grow Connections
  2. What types of projects don’t you fund?

    To ensure we are supporting the organizations most closely aligned with the outcomes of Tweed CollectiveTM, we will not support:

    • Capital projects or campaigns for hospitals and post-secondary institutions
    • Individuals
    • Health associations
    • Projects that directly support children and youth under 19
    • Projects that have a direct connection to cannabis or alcohol
    • Faith-based programs and organizations
    • Political organizations
    • Drug reform initiatives
    • Endowments or memorial campaigns
    • Conferences and events
    • Sports organizations
    • Private foundations
    • Kickstarter campaigns
  3. My organization does not qualify as a Non-profit, Registered Charity or Business Improvement Area (BIA) under the CRA Income Tax Act. Can I still apply for funding?

    Sorry, Tweed CollectiveTM only accepts applications from Non-profits, Registered Charities or Business Improvement Area (BIA) at this time.

  4. Does Tweed CollectiveTM fund international projects or organizations?

    Not at this time. Tweed CollectiveTM will focus on projects and programs within Canada.

  1. What is the typical range of funding you provide?

    We recognize that there are many great organizations doing amazing work and would like to provide support to as many projects as we can. For this reason, the majority of our funding will go to requests under $50,000.

    Here are a few additional things to keep in mind before submitting your request:

    • To help ensure the sustainability of the project/program- Tweed CollectiveTM will be looking to fund no more than 20% of an organization’s operating budget.
    • Strategic alignment to the 3 Tweed CollectiveTM impact pillars is very important to us, so much so that we will consider funding up to 50% of your project/program budget.
    • Our preference is to support programs and projects rather than bricks and mortar.
  2. Who decides which projects get funded?

    Tweed CollectiveTM has professional grant makers who review each application with the care and consideration they deserve.

  3. How long does it take to make a decision on an application?

    Tweed CollectiveTM is committed to getting back to applicants within 45 days of the application window’s closing. Please keep this in mind for your programming/project timelines.

  4. What is your submission cycle?

    Our application window is now closed. Check back soon for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

  5. I need to change my application. How do I do that?

    We prefer you don’t make changes to your application during the submission and review period, but if your contact information or other essential information has changed, please email us at hi@tweedcollective.com to let us know.

  6. If my project is NOT selected for funding, what happens next?

    You will receive an email notifying you that your project was not selected and we welcome you to submit a new application next year.

  7. How often can I apply to Tweed CollectiveTM?

    As we would like to fund as many projects as we can, Tweed CollectiveTM will only review one application per organization per year. Therefore, we ask potential partners to select their best project for their application.

  1. I submitted my application. Now what?

    You will receive a confirmation email once we’ve received your application. We will review your application and get back to you within 45 days of the closing of the submission window.

  2. I never heard back about my application. What now?

    If you did not get a confirmation email when you applied please email us at hi@tweedcollective.com.

  3. When do successful applicants receive their grant funding?

    The time in which an applicant receives their funding can change based on things like scope and timeline of the project. We will connect with successful applicants to identify their funding and project schedule as soon as possible. Please keep this in mind for your programming/project timelines.

  4. How long do I have to complete my project after I receive funding?

    This is dependant on the project scope. Our expectation is that your project or program, as well as outcomes, are completed within a 12-month period following funding.

  5. What are the reporting obligations for successful funding recipients?

    All successful grant recipients will be asked to complete a year end report aligned with the key outcomes they indicate in their application.